Koherent - Second Storm EP

SHA168 - Released 08/05/2020

Koherent proudly present their sophomore EP on Shogun Audio. A showcase of the pair’s versatility, the release tastefully caters to fans across the drum & bass spectrum.

‘Thunder’ opens, the title playfully chosen based on the track’s undulating sub-line in between fierce flashes of distorted bass. ‘Close To Me’ follows, a direct homage to the ‘New Wave Grime’ movement championed by the likes of Mssingno, Dark0, and Deadcrow.

Floating pads, a captivating arpeggio hook and a yearning vocal sample lead into a hypnotic bell-like motif over a warm bassline. Unlike the name suggests, Koherent make no mistakes with ‘Wine Spill’; humorous vocal chops interjecting juddering percussion and modulating bass. Featuring pitched down vocals and a deep, Reese bassline, ‘Mirrors’ closes the EP - a deeply reflective liquid collaboration with Cambridge-based Sinic.



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