Koherent - Turning Point EP

SHA146 - Released 22/03/2019

Having risen through the ranks with releases on SGN and 2 'Point Of Origin' projects, Koherent step up to the plate with their debut standalone EP on Shogun Audio. ‘Voices’ features Charli Brix whos vocals are so well suited to this sound. Seductive peaks from Brix and production which expands and contracts in just the right places make this one hell of an entrance from the Bristol/Leeds based duo. Taking you from the sultry heights of the opening track, ‘Samsara’ enters the fray with Ill Truth joining the pair on the buttons. The track takes its name from ancient Sanskrit and it bangs so hard, it genuinely sounds like it’s been underground harnessing power from the earth’s core this entire time. It’s a devastating tune which is sure to transmit throughout the year. ‘Hurting’ is a blissfully light track which gracefully coaxes you into its arms and shakes off the winter blues. Rounding off the EP is ‘Step It’, another fine example of the Koherent grasp on the darker side of the floor. Moody, crunchy and engaging the tune is sure to stimulate any dance. Koherent are an aptly named duo. 'Turning Point’ is a well focussed 4 track affair which is at points elegant, magnetic and arresting. As debut’s go, this is most certainly a memorable one.



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