Linguistics & Monrroe - Eyes Shut

SHA202 - Released 22/10/2021

He’s an artist who has been working with Shogun Audio for a long time, but it really does feel like Linguistics is a breath of fresh air for the drum and bass scene right now. Maybe it’s that youthful appearance that never seems to change, but it’s more likely the fact that Linguistics is currently embarking on a fresh chapter in his music career as a recording artist.

For too long, MCs and vocalists have been seen as a side act to the producer, but especially of late, we’re seeing lyricists from all walks of D&B showing everyone they’re much more than this. Linguistics has been on the frontline for years battling to demonstrate this – and his string of 2021 singles on Shogun has signalled the start of a new venture where Linguistics curates his own productions alongside familiar label faces. From “Our Time” with Document One to “Searching For” with GLXY and Charlie Perry to “Change” with Dogger & Mindstate most recently. We’re pleased to unveil the next instalment in the series, which sees Linguistics team up with Monrroe on “Eyes Shut”.

Featuring the dark, grooving basslines Monrroe has been rapidly building a reputation for combined with the lyrical masterclass of Linguistics, this one is guaranteed to be popping off in clubs throughout the winter season. Don’t shut your eyes on this one.




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