Pola & Bryson - Lost In Thought

Pola & Bryson - Lost In Thought

SHA137S1 - Released 06/07/2018

'Lost In Thought’ is the debut album on Shogun Audio by duo Pola & Bryson. With sophistication beyond their young years, this long player is an evolution, taking their music to a new level.

The cinematic soundscape ‘When You Call (Intro)' sets the tone for an extremely mature and accomplished record. The first single from the project is ’24/7’, a blossoming blend of their trademark atmospherics and dance floor energy. With genre spanning support, it’s a round the clock roller.

'Night Dawns’ featuring the luminous vocals of Lauren Archer is another example of the majestic grasp Pola & Bryson have on their production. Coaxing every note out of hibernation, the track blooms into one of the most beautifully cultivated tracks of the year.

Another seamless transition from the smouldering ‘Dusk (Interlude)’ gives life to ‘Dream Days’, a textbook gem with ‘Floodgates’ further certifying their engineering abilities. Tunes like the garage licked ‘Waves’ are a graceful breath of fresh air, ’Stratford Riddim’ draws on animated beats and the down tempo ‘Hades’ ebbs and flows with life. ‘No One But You’ with Brookfield provides rich phonics sat on a subtle piano foundation, glistening with the class which is abundant throughout the LP. The closing track ‘Southbank (Outro)’ is a moving piece which engulfs you with sonic class and is the perfect conclusion, leaving you desperate for more.

We challenge any listener not to become deeply rooted as a part of this record. Like a film score to modern life, this genuinely will leave you ‘Lost In Thought’.