Rockwell - User EP

Rockwell - User EP

SHA134 - Released 23/02/2018

Rockwell's 'User' EP is a perfect example of a genre striding artist in their prime.
'Easy' is a combination uppercut of two generational disruptors. With one toe dipped in the pool of the past, this epic Roni Size collaboration stampedes forward with proton phasers from the future. Not the most obvious of partnerships, they connect to pop off some shots at anyone sleeping.

Rockwell's no stranger to coaxing the best out of vocalists and 'Inventor' utilises an absolutely killer instrumental and Flowdan's heavyweight character on the track.
'09 track is another nod to the roots of our scene and offers a blessed banger which takes sprinklings of familiarity and ferments them in flames.

Rounding off the EP is 'User', flaunting how easily this producer can turn his hand to all corners of our genre. With a sharpened break, vocals contorted to perfection and bass that engulfs any system it's being dropped on.

With support locked from the likes of Annie Nightingale, Rene La Vice, UKF, Mixmag and many more, Rockwell’s long-playing take on modern day drum & bass continues to impress the key tastemakers of the dance world.