Subwave - Think / Indigo

SHA021 - Released 11/08/2008

We present the Russian assassin... Subwave. The talented producer delivered a distinctive and uncompromising style that has caught the attention of some of the scenes most important figureheads.

Released in 2008 The A side to this release 'Think' reached anthemic status with support from all the major d'n'b dj's. Rolling out like an unstoppable freight train, the infectious groove & pulsing bassline tunnel their way through a maze of echoed dub vocals, and dreamy atmospheres. Definitely one for the head-nodders!

The flip side 'Indigo' switches the vibe proving how versatile Subwave can be. Conjuring up echoes from yesteryear with crisp beats and atmospheric pads, the mid-nineties vibe has been captured and brought up to date with Subwave's razor sharp production skills.



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