Technimatic - Through The Hours LP

SHA148 - Released 12/04/2019

Seasoned Shogun duo Technimatic are proud to celebrate 10 years working together with the release of their 3rd studio LP ‘Through The Hours’.
Born of time spent behind the boards, on the decks and travelling the world honing their craft, this is their most profound work to date.

Their first single ‘Sometimes’, ‘Goodbye Kiss’ and ‘All Our Yesterdays’ are loaded with floor filling nostalgia while the tempo changes of ‘Recurring Dream’ and stand out ‘Resolution’ are thrilling explorations away from the pair’s trademark liquid sound. Technimatic fans will rejoice at the sight of previous collaborators appearing. Jono McCleery’s devastating ability shines on ‘The Nightfall’, while ‘Weightless’ ft Lucy Kitchen is vintage, sublime drum and bass. Matt Wilson also joins the project as ‘Holding On’ finds its feet firmly on the dance floor revealing a fresh side to their production skills. Just looking at the three vocal tracks highlights the passage of time in the Technimatic sound, seamlessly manoeuvring from classic to current. The grit and swagger of ‘True Believer’ matched with the hypnotic lull of ‘Let It Fall’ give the album a conscious edge to satisfy all tastes.

‘Through The Hours’ moves harmoniously through sonic timelines appealing to both new and old school heads simultaneously. Lastly and most importantly, the music is fantastic. The Technimatic sound is as rustic as it is contemporary and after some time away, it’s clearly well worth the wait



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