Was A Be - Brainstorm EP

SHA119 - Released 21/04/2017

The hotly tipped Italian duo Was A Be follow up last year’s brilliant ‘Blind EP’ with what’s not only their first release of the 2017 but also their first release since signing exclusively with the label! The incredible ‘Brainstorm EP’ follows suit with fours tracks of future D&B spanning half-time to hybrid 4/4 bass music. Sure to raise eye-brows, Was A Be are here to stay.

“This release has been a whole new challenge for us. After the Blind EP, we felt a need to do something different, something that felt really Shogun. It’s an evolution of our sound, not a repetition of our previous work, changing the patterns and also creating something that really belongs to us, based on our wide music taste which has a heavy impact on our production.

In this EP you'll find 4 different styles of 85/170 music: from the hip-hop inflected ‘Plateau’ to the deep rolling ‘Brainstorm’, then onto the compulsive ‘Hypnos’ and proper dance floor footwork/juke workout ‘Jamming’. This is what we're feeling right now and it’s also how we build our DJ sets, moving through different styles and genres....the key being never to bore people! Hope you all enjoy it, we’ve lots more to come. Ciao bella!”
Was A Be 2017.



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