Fourward - Countdown EP (MP3)



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The four man Austrian drum & bass dynasty Fourward come crashing through the Shogun Audio doors with their debut EP of some of the most gut wrenchingly great bass signals you’ll have heard yet this year.

‘Countdown’ featuring the vocal flows of Kyza is a snarling slice of tech-stepping, Wormhole era drum & bass ready to slice the dance in two seeing Fourward deliver one of their most significant moments yet.

Watch out though as things get absolutely marching on ‘Wise Guys’ where it’s all about the mid-range riff that works its way inside your head with military precision making for a 100% bonafide sound system banger!

‘Phase Align’ makes for even more dangerous territory, taking no prisoners along the way. Don’t be lulled by the cinematic intro, this one heads fiercely behind enemy lines with some of Fourward’s most gnarly work yet.

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