Alix Perez & Sabre - Solitary Native / Old Flame (MP3)


Alix Perez

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One of the scenes hottest breakthrough producers of the time combines with one of his studio allies, to sparkle and shine outright on the emotionally mysterious, and heart-warming sounds of Solitary Native. Like a modern day electronic Love story, soulful Male vocals layer with 40's style strings, to provoke the sultry, yet uplifting vibe. Driven by a well-known vintage sample throughout, carefully crafted pianos engulf and engage the listener with mystifying effect. Dont be fooled by all its niceness, as underneath lies a smoothing, hearty bassline that drives the track straight to the dancefloor. The late night sounds of Old Flame takes care of the B-Side. A truly Atmospheric intro makes way for the smoky, drifting piano chords and jazz induced fly-bys that are the true foundations of the track. This ones for those late night blues.

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