SpectraSoul - Delay No More LP (Anniversary Edition) (MP3)



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Jack Stevens and Dave Kennett effortlessly draw natural soul and musical progression through all of their work and as such have seen their discerning fanbase rocket around the globe. Their utterly stunning debut album 'Delay No More' is for all to savour, a mesmeric journey into glistening electronica, deep house and drum & bass, all sewn together with trademark melodic mastery.

Here the album gets a relaunch as the full deluxe edition from July 2012 plus extra added digital material including all the remixes from the 'Delay No More (The Remixes)' from such artists as dBridge, DLR, Rockwell, James Zabiela and CMX. This is the entire 'Anniversary Edition' containing 22 tracks for only £9.99.

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No Doubt £0.83
Light In The Dark feat. Terri Walker £0.83
Ish Chat £0.83
Sometimes We Lie... £0.83
The Curb £0.83
Knuckle Waltz £0.83
Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (Original Mix) £0.83
Fool's Paradise £0.83
Buggin' £0.83
S.O.U.R. feat. Echo Park £0.83
Memento £0.83
Shackles feat. Fox £0.83
Shoestring £0.83
In For A Penny £0.83
SpectraSoul - Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (Calibre Remix) £0.83
Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (Kito Remix) £0.83
Coals £0.83
Memento (dBridge Remix) £0.83
Sometimes We Lie (DLR Remix) £0.83
S.O.U.R feat. Echo Park (Rockwell Remix) £0.83
The Curb (James Zabiela Remix) £0.83
Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (CMX Remix) £0.83